e-IRG Workshop under French EU Presidency - registration is open

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18 May 2022

e-IRG Workshop under French EU Presidency - registration is open

  • By Jan Wiebelitz

e-IRG Workshop under French EU Presidency

(30.-31. May, virtual event)

The upcoming e-IRG Workshop under French EU Presidency will be organised as a virtual event with three sessions on 30.-31. May 2022.

The first session addresses the topic "Towards a sustainable European Open Science Cloud - The role of e-Infrastructures" and is jointly organised with the EOSC Steering Board. The goal of this session is to raise awareness on the required sustainability analysis in the e-Infrastructure community and make the first steps in this area, shedding some light on the above elements, with the aspiration that e-IRG recommendations on policies coming out of such an analysis and work, can be brought to the EOSC SB for implementation.

The second session again takes up the topic of the twin “green and digital” transition in e-Infrastructures. The Green Deal is one of key EU priorities in this decade aiming at reaching the climate goals by 2030. On the other hand, the digital transition is a key requirement for Europe’s competitiveness in the global race. Thus, the combination of the green and digital transition, the so-called “twin transition” is a key requirement for the EU. This session will deal with the corresponding urgency of twin transition for EU, national and institutional e-Infrastructures. It will raise awareness on key e-Infrastructures initiatives in the area along with thematic paradigms.

The third session will be used to address the topic of coordination between the e-Infrastructures. Such coordination encompasses the 3 main pillars of the EC European Cloud Infrastructure, namely the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), the European Data Infrastructure with networking, supercomputing/HPC and Cloud infrastructures, and the expansion towards the public sector and industry.

See the full agenda here: https://events.geant.org/event/1215/timetable

The registration is open: https://events.geant.org/event/1215/registrations/1025/

All the best,
Jan Wiebelitz
e-IRG Secretariat