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27 Apr 2022

EOSC Policy Events

  • By Nell Van den Plas

Next Tuesday, 3 May, EOSC Future – in collaboration with the EOSC Association, the EOSC Steering Board, the European Commission and University of Strasbourg – is organising an EOSC Policy Event in Strasbourg, France.

During presentations and panel discussions, EOSC representatives and Open Science policy experts will take on a host of topics, including:

  • the ERA policy agenda
  • the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
  • national research data infrastructure and requirements
  • the role of EOSC and EOSC projects.

Don’t miss out on this high-level policy event. We invite you to consult the complete agenda and register to watch the event in real time via an online livestream.

You can also continue the discussion with us the following day (in person or online). On 4 May, EOSC Future is contributing to a joint policy workshop with EOSC Pillar, EOSC Nordic, ExPaNDS, NI4OS-Europe, EOSC Synergy and FAIRsFAIR on ‘National policies relevant to EOSC deployment: Status, gaps, and steps towards harmonisation’.

We look forward to connecting with you from Strasbourg next week!


  • Volker Beckmann's picture

    Volker Beckmann

    Date: 28 Apr, 2022

    Dear colleagues,
    the link "complete agenda" doesn't work. It gives the error message: "Sorry, you are not allowed to preview drafts."

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