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16 Sep 2020

News on IG and Researcher Engagement Activities

  • By Bernd Saurugger

Dear Interest Group, 

I would like to share two activities with you:

Firstly, an activity that TU Wien performed wihin the EOSC Secretariat project, where Katharina Flicker a colleague of mine just wrote a Liaison Platform post about it:  

As you know within the EOSCSecretariat, TU Wien is responsible for Researcher Engagement. This task comprises the organization of workshops, consultations and an exploration series with members from university networks, funding bodies and various research communities. In order to address the latter in a structured way, TU Wien brought experts from the healthcare domain together with the aim to:

  • bring together a small, focused group of excellent researchers and research enablers who have a vision for and are interested in shaping the future of European research infrastructures for their domain
  • identify current barriers and services considered essential for a well-functioning EOSC
  • obtain a better understanding on how research is changing
  • elaborate visions on how research will be conducted in 5 to 15 years and what the effect and impact on research infrastructures will be
  • provide these as seeds for public comments to involve a large stakeholder community, thus ensuring many voices are being heard and that findings are considered in EOSC implementation processes, so that the EOSC is serving our needs as researchers

Here is the link to the final Report on the online session visions, requirements and needs for Future Research Environments in the Healthcare domain: For Key Takeaway Messages, please see

Secondly, I wrote a news piece about our online meeting regarding the Collection of EOSC Use Cases

Here I wouldlike to thank all of you who took part in that online meeting. It was really a pleasure to me hearing about these interesting activities!

Best regards

Bernd Saurugger