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EOSC Working Groups formed an official part of the EOSC Governance structure which ensured a community-sourced approach to the challenges of the EOSC.

The EOSC Secretariat advised on the processes, assisted on the operation and supports the coordination of the Working Groups, through a dedicated Work Package, pooling the best expertise available in the community and delivering synthetical reports on all relevant issues requiring a decision, as requested by the Executive Board.

Following the establishment of the EOSC Executive Board, these Working Groups were set up with support from the EOSC Secretariat for 2019-20:

  • Landscape: Mapping of the existing research infrastructures which are candidates to be part of the EOSC federation;
  • FAIR: Implementing the FAIR data principles by defining the corresponding requirements for the development of EOSC services, in order to foster cross-disciplinary interoperability;
  • Architecture: Defining the technical framework required to enable and sustain an evolving EOSC federation of systems;
  • Rules of participation: Designing the Rules of Participation that shall define the rights, obligations governing EOSC transactions between EOSC users, providers and operators;
  • Skills and Training: Providing a framework for a sustainable training infrastructure to support EOSC in all its phases and ensure its uptake;
  • Sustainability: Providing a set of recommendations concerning the implementation of an operational, scalable and sustainable EOSC federation after 2020.

EOSC Executive Board Outputs