ARCHIVER Prototype Phase Kick-off Event

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ARCHIVER Prototype Phase Kick-off Event

ARCHIVER Prototype Phase Kick-off Event

START: 26 Nov 2020
END: 26 Nov 2020

On 7th December, the ARCHIVER Prototypes phase Kick-off event will take place online, marking the beginning of the Prototype implemenation phase where three selected consortia will build prototypes of their archival and preservation solutions aimed at meeting the innovation challenges of the European Research communities, in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Following the closure of the ARCHIVER Tender, five bids had been selected as a result of the ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement Requests for Tenders for the provision of innovative, cost-effective R&D solutions, supporting the IT requirements of European research infrastructures that handle data in the petabyte range and with high, sustained ingest rate.

The event will be a chance to:

  • Gain a broad overview of the project
  • Learn the expected outcomes of the Prototype Phase from the Buyers Group
  • Discover the Early Adopters Programme
  • Find out mote about the winner consortia entering now the prototype phase.

For more details and registration about the event, please visit the official website