EOSC Landscape Shifting to Living Indicators

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EOSC Landscape Shifting to Living Indicators

EOSC Landscape Shifting to Living Indicators

04 Feb 2021

The Landscaping Task Force created by INFRAEOSC-05 projects has recently published the Second Working Proposal for Living Indicators to Monitor MS Progresses Towards EOSC Readiness on Zenodo. The report summarises the results of consultations with leading stakeholders on the subject of how the monitoring of the EOSC scenario across the EU countries should evolve, in order to provide decision makers with educated information for their decisions and ultimately help turning EOSC into a reality in the different regions.  

The initial idea for this joint action for defining EOSC readiness indicators stems from the collaboration with the Landscape Working Group of the EOSC Executive Board. The results of the consultations suggest that the work on EOSC readiness indicators will be moving from a static landscape-view to a set of living indicators.

EOSC Governance Board delegates, EOSC Executive Board Working Group members and representatives of Research Infrastructures were engaged into the process of designing the current set of living indicators. In total, approximately 200 people were involved in the two rounds of consultations through a questionnaire. The report presents the results of the public consultations for the proposed readiness indicators. The report is a follow up of the earlier version of the report: “Working Proposal for Living Indicators to Monitor Member States Progresses towards EOSC Readiness”. 

The report provides insights and an overview of the responses concerning monitoring, publicity of indicators, certification and exhaustiveness. It also presents the challenges of the EOSC Readiness Indicators that appeared in the survey responses. Currently the report provides a working proposal summarizing the survey results of the consultation of a set of indicators in five macro key areas:  Architecture; Organisation and Governance; Group Policies; Infrastructure; Training and Skills.

Next Steps

As a conclusion of the survey results, monitoring is seen as a continuous process which should still be developed. Monitoring living indicators should continue in a sustainable way. Next, it should be considered which indicators could be updated automatically. Also, a dashboard for monitoring the indicators is going to be designed with the support of the approved EOSCsecretariat.eu co-creation request. The transition from static landscape to living indicators requires community agreement on which monitoring indicators should be based on, how often and by whom. 

The report itself, while providing a working proposal validated by European stakeholders for the indicators to be collected, should be seen as a living document and the topic and the statements of the report should remain dynamic, depending on the development of EOSC in order to implement the indicators in the most beneficial way for EOSC.

See the full report here

Landscaping Task Force (TF) is one of the 6 thematic TFs of the Call5 projects (more information of the Task Forces). The Call5 projects are supported within the INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019 call: EOSC-Synergy, EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, NI4OS-Europe, ExPaNDS, FAIRsFAIR, and EOSCSecretariat.eu.