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04 Nov 2021

STEP-by-STEP FAIRification process for repositories

  • By Bert Meerman

EOSC Nordic finished a series of 4 Webinars on the FAIRification process for repositories in the Nordic / Baltic countries.  Step number 4 of this series was about the inclusion of “Domain Specific Metadata elements”.   

Read about and /or revisit this EOSC NORDIC webinar, organized on 7th of October 2021 for repositories in the Nordic / Baltic countries. There were about 40 attendants.  

The FAIRification Webinar Step 4 gave an engaging overview, showing several examples of how metadata experts with their specific communities have managed to derive the required level of metadata by using the input from the domain community. The challenge is defining, designing, reporting, and publishing the domain-specific data elements that a community sees as required for interoperability and data reuse.

The webinar demonstrated that using community standards, templates, vocabularies, and ontologies is essential for defining a required reference metadata set.
The webinar Step 4 also demonstrated...

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02 Nov 2021

EOSC Enhance & EOSC Future webinar: Reaching out to EOSC Portal users - 18 November 2021

  • By Federico Drago

Over the past few months, EOSC Enhance and EOSC Future have collaborated on improving the user experience on the EOSC Marketplace, reaching out to the wider community via dedicated surveys in order to assess the specific needs and challenges encountered by researchers when they look for useful resources and information.

This process involved end-users from thematic, regional and national communities across Europe, building on an increasing network that revolves around the EOSC Portal and the many other ongoing Open Science projects.

These combined efforts have brought to the definition of clearer user personas, which are helping the EOSC Portal team to produce more content specifically targeted at end-users. An improved virtual tour of the Marketplace was launched in October, and an explanatory promotional video will be released in November.

In this webinar, we will learn more about this process, the role of research communities, and take a look...

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02 Nov 2021

2nd NEANIAS Open Call

  • By Daniel Martinez

Do you have an incredible idea in the atmospheric, underwater and space research domains? We're touching base to share an opportunity you don't want to miss! NEANIAS Consortium launches its 2nd Open Call!

After the successful 1st NEANIAS Open Call, we would like to cordially invite further research teams, SME-s, start-ups, to submit a proposal to receive professional expert support, validate innovative ideas and boost the development with NEANIAS Services and Experts for FREE! 

Call for proposals opens for companies and teams of individual researchers to utilise the services developed within the NEANIAS project.

  • Call opening date: 11 October 2021, at 9:00 Brussels local time.
  • Deadline of submission: 8 December 2021, at 17:00 Brussels local time. 
  • Expected duration of participation: 3-6 Months, with expected start on the 1st of February 2022.

Do you want us to present the Open Call to you?

The NEANIAS team would like to invite you to an online webinartaking place on the 4th of...

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27 Oct 2021

CESSDA Roadshow on the Circular Economy

  • By Marieke Willems

Join us at the fifth and final CESSDA® Roadshow on the Circular Economy 28 October at 14.00 CEST. 

This CESSDA® Roadshow on the Circular Economy brings together experts from service providers and top-level researchers to explore the key role of the social sciences with impartial, reliable data on attitudes and practices to recycling and eco-design. It will guide participants through valuable resources in the CESSDA Data Catalogue®, give examples of data use and reuse as best practices and explain how researchers can organise and process data using the ESSDA Data Management Expert Guide®.  Both tools are availabe via the EOSC Portal, and the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide is part of the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit, developed in SSHOC. 

This fifth and final CESSDA Roadshow counts with the expert views of wyo of CESSDA's Service Providers: 

  • Data Catalogue® - Discovery of Danish Datasets related to the Circular Economy, Jan Dalsten, Danish
  • ...

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26 Oct 2021

Fostering collaborative Open Science in the marine domain - New Blue-Cloud video online!

  • By Federico Drago

The ocean is a defining feature of our planet: shaping coastlines, regulating climate, sustaining biodiversity and human life. Collecting reliable ocean data is fundamental for understanding the marine realm, preserving its precious life and managing its resources sustainably.

Blue-Cloud is a major initiative seeking to add new dimensions to the existing European marine data landscape, by empowering researchers with cloud computing resources, analytical tools and seamless access to this wealth of data, data products and services.

The Blue-Cloud consortium has produced a new video to introduce the infrastructures involved in this journey, as well as the core services to foster Open Science in the marine domain, in support of a sustainable blue economy. Watch it now!

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25 Oct 2021

Global Workshop: Ontology Commons addressing challenges of the Industry 5.0 transition

  • By Rita Giuffrida

The OntoCommons consortium team is organising its 1st Global Workshop "Ontology Commons addressing challenges of the Industry 5.0 transition", offering a platform to exchange information and updates in ontologies, interoperability, FAIR data and standards applied to the industrial ecosystem.

All the attendees can join plenary talks, impulse talks and moderated sessions, which combine open, topic-based discussions in organised groups with custom-designed engagement of stakeholders through low-level prototyping of novel use cases and emerging scenarios. Each session plays a relevant role in this context as it addresses the need of strengthen the interoperability of industrial solutions through the establishment of common semantic basis in different domains (e.g. materials and manufacturing) that supports the improvements of digital interactions, collaborations, co-innovation, re-use and valorisation of data.  

The gathered information will be used to add relevant contributions to the OntoCommons Roadmap (policy recommendations towards data sharing in the European Single Market).

Visit the official website for...

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22 Oct 2021

CS3MESH4EOSC at the Virtual SciDataCon 2021

  • By Jacopo Mariani

CS3MESH4EOSC Workshop: Science Mesh - Unlock scientific collaboration through technology - 26 october 2021 | 13:00-14:30 UTC

This 90min practice session will showcase with real examples how the Science Mesh (explained below) is supporting collaboration of distributed science teams across disciplines dealing with data. The session will have presentations from Science Mesh developers and also representatives of each one of the use-cases. There will be opportunity for interaction and discussion with audience.

The Science Mesh, a service developed by CS3MESH4EOSC project, enables the users to retain control over their remote or domestic datasets, while becoming FAIR(Findable, Acessible, Interoperable and Reusable)compatible and integrated with the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) at the same time. Users are able to directly access the service provided by Science Mesh from easy-to-use interfaces and discover the different functionalities, as well as develop application plugins or easily set-up federations in their own scope and...

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22 Oct 2021

Digital Language Equality 2030: Implications for Libraries, Collections, and Library Users

  • By Athina Papadopoulou

Achieving Digital Language Equality 2030: Implications for Libraries, Collections, and Library Users  

Register for this event here


The ELE project aims to create the European Language Equality Programme, in the form of a strategic research, innovation, and implementation agenda, as well as a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030. 

LIBER participates in the ELE project to ensure that the voice of the research library community is heard, as the path towards digital language equality is drawn. This is your chance to participate in shaping Europe’s language equal future. 


In this online workshop, you will hear speakers from the ELE project and practitioners working with language technology. They will paint a picture of what the ELE project is trying to achieve and what a future entailing language equality throughout Europe looks like. Participating in this session will also give you the opportunity to share...

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20 Oct 2021

1st TRIPLE conference "Empowering discovery in open social sciences and humanities"

  • By Tiziana Lombardo

The TRIPLE project is pleased to invite you to its first conference "Empowering discovery in open social sciences and humanities", which will take place online on November 22-24, 2021.

The goal of the event is to create a space for discussing the impact, benefits and challenges of discovery services for the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the European research ecosystem.

We’ll focus on the innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery solution for the SSH – the GoTriple platform, which is being developed within the TRIPLE project and which is one of the main services provided by OPERAS Research Infrastructure. We will present first mock-ups and functionalities of the application and invite participants to share their feedback.

 During the conference the participants will discuss the following topics:

  • conducting an online search for publications,
  • searching for research projects on topics of interest,
  • finding and establishing contact with researchers with similar interests,
  • business models and crowdfunding in SSH.
  • ...

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20 Oct 2021

Invitation to the GoTriple Hackathon - register by 27 October!

  • By Tiziana Lombardo

On behalf of the EU funded project TRIPLE, we would like to invite you to participate in the first GoTriple Hackathon, which will take place online on the following dates: 8-10/11/21 and 15-16/11/21, plus a preparatory meeting on 3/11/21. 

The participation is open to software programmers with a dedicated interest in vocabularies, programming librarians, non-IT specialists who work with managing vocabularies, people working in repositories and, of course, researchers.

The goal of the GoTriple Hackathon is the improvement of the coverage of the Library of Congress Subject Heading in the GoTriple vocabulary. Subject headings are specific words or phrases which are used in order to categorize and organize books and articles. 

The Library of Congress Subject Headings is perhaps the most widely adopted subject indexing system in the world and has been translated in many languages. Despite the fact that LCSH is the most translated Subject Headings System,...

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19 Oct 2021

CESSDA Roadshow on cancer and major chronic diseases

  • By Marieke Willems

In a world beset by challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, the social sciences have never been more important for impartial, evidence-based research and analysis. The CESSDA Roadshow shows how social scientific research data discovery and management tools support research addressing the global challenges. 

This 4th CESSDA Roadshow focuses on how the Data Catalogue and Data Management Expert Guide support researchers in work on cancer and major chronic diseases based on impartial and trusted datasets and metadata. Both tools are availabe via the EOSC Portal, and the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide is part of the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit, developed in SSHOC. 

The webinar features a practical demo of the DC and highlights the importance of secure access to data, storage and protection, with real-world examples of best practices for use and re-use by the social sciences research community. Participants can also enjoy an engaging interactive discussion between the service providers...

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13 Oct 2021

CESSDA Roadshow on Climate Change

  • By Marieke Willems

In a world beset by challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, the social sciences have never been more important for impartial, evidence-based research and analysis.

This CESSDA Roadshow is a deep dive on climate change research in the social sciences bringing together data service providers and users. 
Panellists give practical guides on the CESSDA Data Catalogue and CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide, also availble via the EOSC Portal. Researchers share their first-hand experiences in using the CESSDA Data Catalogue for studies on climate change and the benefits of re-using this data also for cross-disciplinary research. These flash talks serve a springboard for the interactive discussions with invited panellists and participants, exchanging their viewpoints as data service providers and members of the social sciences community in the context of CESSDA.

More information about our expert panel, agenda available here.

Join us! Register here....

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07 Oct 2021

'Focus on EOSC' thematic day at #EGI2021

  • By Gwen Franck

During our #EGI2021 first conference day, October 19th, we will focus on a variety of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) projects, services and tools. 

In the morning, you can discover the EOSC Synergy project in 'Bridging from theory to practice with EOSC-Synergy', or find out how EGI powers several core EOSC Services in the session 'EGI-powered Thematic Services in EOSC'.

Throughout the conference, we showcase a number of demonstrations - and on this day, two of them are EOSC-themed: at 12.45 CEST, Find out how the EOSC Test Suite can help with benchmarking and validation, and at 13.30 CEST, how you can onboard resources on the EOSC Portal. 

The first afternoon sessions focus on 'Gaia-X Architecture and its Implications for EOSC and the research community' or you can learn more about EOSC -related services and projects during these short presentations about EOSC-Performance, EOSC-DIH, EGI-ACE,...

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06 Oct 2021

Registrations open for the online TRIPLE training "EOSC Architecture" - 12 October 2021 at 2pm CEST

  • By Tiziana Lombardo

The TRIPLE Project Consortium is pleased to invite you to attend the next training session about the EOSC Architecture, taking place on 12th of October 2021 at 2pm (CEST).

This training event will be devoted specifically to the EOSC Architecture, and it will provide answers on the following topics, among others:

  • Overview of the EOSC Architecture principles
  • Main components of the EOSC Architecture
  • Interoperability in the EOSC Architecture
  • Main documents, projects and further development

Register here:

Date: 12/10/2021

Presenters: Ville Tenhunen (EGI)

Moderator: Yin Chen (EGI)

Venue: Virtual event via Zoom (link will be provided after registration)...

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05 Oct 2021


  • By Bert Meerman

Find here attached the OPEN SCIENCE International Initiatives and Trends report, including the latest cooperation between Open Science Initiatives in a structure called OSCER ( Open Science Clouds / Commons Executives Roundtable )   This report gives a summary of Open Science initiatives and Trends over the last 30 months and is produced by the EOSC Secretariat. ( WP 3.4 and WP 7.2)   

The main trends are :

  1. Worldwide research and standards organisations are driving convergence
  2. Regional Open Science Clouds / Initiatives are getting more aligned.
  3. FAIR Funders teaming up to drive FAIR behavior
  4. FAIR Digital Objects are driving worldwide interoperability
  5. FAIR Data Stewards are likely to change the world of research 
  6. Research Communities and Domains are starting to follow a reusable FAIRification process that will lead to predictable results.  

For more information


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05 Oct 2021

Live Demo - Open Research Europe in practice – All a librarian needs to know

  • By Athina Papadopoulou

Open Research Europe (ORE) is a new publishing platform launched by the European Commission. The platform provides all H2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their collaborators with an easy, high-quality platform to publish Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe funded research at no cost and in full compliance with the Commission’s open access policies.

Building on our first joint LIBER-ORE awareness-raising webinar in October, this follow up event entails a live demonstration of the ORE platform focusing on everything that a research librarian needs to know. Participants will understand how the platform can be used, experience an in-depth walkthrough of the open peer review process, hear about the answers to FAQs that ORE has received so far (the latter may be useful in supporting researchers in publishing via the ORE platform). Participants can also of course ask any questions they might have about the platform.

Registration is open & free:

Register here....

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04 Oct 2021

CESSDA Roadshow on Migration

  • By Marieke Willems

Researchers and Service Providers Discuss EOSC Portal Social Scientific Data Management Tools CESSDA DC™ and CESSDA DMEG™

Join us on 8 October! In a world beset by challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, the social sciences have never been more important for impartial, evidence-based research and analysis.

This CESSDA Roadshow shares insights into the treasure trove of datasets in the CESSDA Data Catalogue™ for social science research on migration, and the Ethnic Migration and Minorities Survey Registry, developed in the context of the SSHOC project. Service providers and researchers give practical tips on using the CESSDA CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (CESSDA DMEG™), also part of the SSH Training Discovery Toolkit in SSHOC, especially when dealing with such highly sensitive data. Researchers and service providers will engage you in lively discussion on the CESSDA Social Scientific Data Management Tools CESSDA DC™ and CESSDA DMEG™, already accessible via the EOSC Portal. 


  • 14.00-14.05 - Introduction, CESSDA & Trust-IT
  • 14.05-14.15 - CESSDA Data
  • ...

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28 Sep 2021

EOSC Enhance Webinar - Integrating national and thematic catalogues into the EOSC Portal: the NI4OS-Europe pilot

  • By Federico Drago

The EOSC Portal is part of the European Open Science Cloud implementation roadmap as one of the expected “federating core” services contributing to the implementation of the “Access and interface” action line. It provides a European delivery channel connecting the demand and supply sides of EOSC and its different stakeholders. 

One of the most requested features in the requirements gathering process carried out by the Horizon 2020 project EOSC Enhance was the possibility to integrate entire existing catalogues with the EOSC Portal, be they national, regional or thematic.

Over the spring and summer of 2021, the EOSC Enhance team coordinated with NI4OS-Europe, the EOSC regional project covering Southeastern Europe, to work on a pilot to test this long-awaited functionality. This effort was also discussed at the joint workshop organised by EOSC-Pillar in July, in collaboration with the other regional projects.

In this webinar we will learn more about this process and its first tangible results, hear directly from providers who have successfully onboarded their resources into the Portal, and take a look into the following steps.

If you are a service provider for research in the EOSC Portal, or wish to onboard your resources, join us and take part in the discussion, see how your catalogue can be integrated with the Portal and contribute to the implementation phase of EOSC.

Register now

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27 Sep 2021

Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit: 2021

  • By Jacopo Mariani

Evidence Based Policy Making in Europe Conference 2021

The convergence of Cloud, Big Data and AI has already resulted in major transformation across Government services, yet the process of policy making itself is often left behind. Join Policy Cloud, Decido, AI4PublicPolicy, DUET and Intelcomp at the virtual Evidence Based Policy Making in Europe event to explore major challenges, trends and opportunities to improve public sector decision making that will deliver healthier, happier places to live and work.

Digital technologies have changed the world. Today people expect faster, seamless, on-demand services from their providers, and Government is no exception. For effective urban operations which make life easier for residents, workers and visitors, Public Sector decision making needs to become more agile, breaking down data silos to combine day-to-day tactical decisions with longer term policies and strategies. Disruptive technologies such as Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) unlock new opportunities for sustainable decision making through...

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22 Sep 2021

CESSDA Roadshow: COVID-19 

  • By Marieke Willems

Researchers and Service Providers Discuss EOSC Portal Social Scientific Data Management Tools CESSDA DC™ and CESSDA DMEG™

Join us on 30 September, 14.00-16.00 CEST! In a world beset by challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change, the social sciences have never been more important for impartial, evidence-based research and analysis.

The CESSDA™ Roadshow series kicks off with a deep dive on COVID-19, highlighting cross-national datasets and surveys in its Data Catalogue (CESSDA DC™) with a practical guide and demo on how to discover them from UK Data Services. 

Designed as a practical deep dive, bringing together service providers and researchers on how to use and re-use the reservoir of CESSDA™ COVID-19 resources for the social sciences, such as national archive data, surveys and gender-related studies. Participants will learn about real-world examples of fast-track publication and collaboration.

Sessions on the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (CESSDA DMEG™) give a practical guide on...